Zipping & Sipping – Elgin Valley Zipline Adventure (ES)

Tour/Activity in Cape Town, South Africa

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Zip above the tree tops in the picturesque Elgin area over waterfalls and valleys followed by wine tastings

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Zipping & Sipping – Elgin Valley Zipline Adventure

The zipline takes place about an hour and a half drive from Cape Town and is nature enthusiasts from ages 5 to 75. If you’re afraid of heights, this may be torture for you as you slide along steel cables from platform to platform, passing waterfalls and valleys, enjoying all that mother nature has to offer with 13 platforms and slides up to 320m long!

The day will start with a safety briefing and short 4×4 ride to where the fun begins! You will be guided through the experience by two professional guides that really makes this an educational experience as well, providing interesting facts about the nature and geology of this interesting area.

Once you have found your feet again, there is a short walk back to the transport, after which you will head off to two of the picturesque boutique wineries in the Elgin area, known for cooler climates which has an interesting effect on the wine produced in this area..

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