Zambezi River Creative Art Cruise (AOA)

Tour/Activity in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

About this activity

Unique artistic experience in Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River

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Zambezi River Art Cruise

Enjoy an exclusive breakfast cruise, setting off just after sunrise. Embarking on a 3 hour workshop, you are encouraged to interact with your surroundings on a personal level. Armed with brush and paints, a guided observation of the magnificent surroundings absorbs and captures the ambiance of the Zambezi. You will take home your own piece of Africa, in your own shade of expression.

You will set sail with coffees and teas on board, enjoying the peace and quiet of an African morning. Along with the artist and boat captain, a suitable spot to moor will be chosen, in order to capture the desired scenery. The private tutor will begin to guide the art workshop, taking you step by step through a demonstration painting.

A light breakfast will be available, while reflecting on the morning workshop.

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