Vulture Culture Lunch (VSL)

Tour/Activity in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

About this activity

The Vulture Culture Experience

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The Vulture Culture Experience

The Vulture Culture Experience is a supplementary feeding programme that aids the survival of these remarkable but endangered birds, and allows visitors to enjoy the spectacular sight of hundreds of these raptors swooping down to be fed on leftover meat scraps from onsite restaurants.

The activity, which occurs at 1pm daily, begins with a briefing on a deck beneath Victoria Falls Safari Lodge about the ecological importance of vultures and the plight they are facing, before visitors take a short walk down a bush path to a hide to view the vultures feeding. Here there is the opportunity to spot white-headed, hooded, lappet-faced and white-backed vultures, as well as marabou storks.

The project also allows vulture numbers to be monitored, as populations are dwindling due to a variety of human created issues, including electrocution by power lines, loss of available and safe food supply, direct and indirect poisoning and the use of their parts for traditional medicines.

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