Street Art & Community Walking Tour (ES)

Tour/Activity in Cape Town, South Africa

About this activity

Get an authentic view of Cape Town on this tour of the Khayelitsha township and street art walking tour

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Township Tour & Street Art Walking Tour

Introducing two opportunities to experience Cape Town authentically. Take the township tour of Khayelitsha and street art walking tour of Woodstock. Meet inspiring local residents and artists that are doing incredible things across the city.

Enjoy an artisanal coffee at the Department of Coffee. Hear the story about this innovative group of young guys that are the first to bring coffee culture into the township. After you’ve enjoyed your brew, meander the sandy streets of Khayelitsha where you will be introduced to a variety of educational and inspiring street art.

After you’ve gotten a glimpse of how much pride there is in the community, it’s time to get involved! If you love kids, you’ll love teaching a class of eager Khayelitsha nursery school children. Or, you can choose to participate in an exciting sustainability program where you will assist local residents in planting gardens out of recycled materials. This immersive experience is sure to provide you with a whole new perspective and appreciation of life in the Cape.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll enjoy a traditional “township style” lunch at a local hotspot.

Once you’ve experienced the vibrancy and culture of the township, you’ll head back into Cape Town and explore the street art of Woodstock. Woodstock is the home of many of Cape Town’s artists and creative types and serves as an open canvas for an array of colourful artworks. Your guide will take you on a journey on foot through the streets and tell you the often inspirational meanings behind the murals posted by both local and international artists. You may even get to meet one or two of the artists in their studios. It’s a great way to experience Woodstock and get a better understanding of the area, its history and its residents.

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