Shark Cage Diving (PVT) (IT)

Tour/Activity in Cape Town, South Africa

About this activity

View the famous Great White Shark up close and personal.

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Shark Cage Diving

Experience this exhilarating tour! You will depart Cape Town at first light and travel to Kleinbaai approximately 2.5 hours away where you will be briefed on the day’s activities. Enjoy a continental breakfast before the boat launch around 08h30. The anchor is lowered, the cage goes into the water, a scent trail is made, final preparations for the diving are made and the rest of the day is spent watching, diving and enjoying the day. Whether viewing from the deck or up close and personal in the cage, this is an experience you won’t forget! Also visit Dyer Island, depending on the tide and sea conditions. After about 3 to 4 hours, head back to land.

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