Pot & Signature Sunset Cruise (PA)

Tour/Activity in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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An Immersive traditional cooking and dining experience, combined with a Sunset Cruise

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Interactive Poitjie (Pot) Cooking

This traditional cooking method is done in a cast Iron three-legged pot, the potjie, which descended from the Dutch Oven (Translated as small Pot) brought from the Netherlands to South Africa in the 17th century and found in the homes and villages of people throughout southern Africa.

On this interactive cooking experience, let our experienced chefs lead you through the preparation and cooking of your "Pot" from a table of fresh ingredients and herbs and spices while you sip on a glass of Pimms or Champagne. A variety of protein and vegetarian options are available, and when combined with your other favourite ingredients and put on the coals for a slow cook, provides the promise of a delicious traditionally cooked dinner later in the day.

Zambezi Signature Sunset Cruise

The Zambezi Explorer Signature deck provides the ultimate cruise experience on the upper Zambezi River, you will indulge in sheer luxury whilst enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery and wildlife sightings along the river. Our attentive staff will ensure that you are well looked after as you celebrate the African Sunset. Flocks of birds skim the waterline as the sun sets behind the African skyline. Enjoy a range of cocktails served with an accompaniment of delectable snacks. Relax in the comfort of the deep set couches and enjoy the pleasure of luxury service during this peaceful time of day.

Potjie Meal on the Banks of the Zambezi River

At the conclusion of your Signature Sunset Cruise, you are taken back the the Zambezi House Restaurant where on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, there you will be greeted by an amazing table layout where you can sit and enjoy the spectacular sunsets and then delve into a three course meal, of which your own scrumptious Potjie is your main course.

After an amazing day consisting of an interactive traditional cooking experience, a Signature Sunset Cruise on the upper Zambezi, and a great meal on the banks of the Zambezi River, we will take you back to your lodge or hotel to reflect on the memories that will be with you for your lifetime.

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