Immersive Art Experience In Cape Town (ES)

Tour/Activity in Cape Town, South Africa

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Discover the rich and sometimes turbulent art scene in Cape Town curated by a specialist art expert

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Immersive Art Experience In Cape Town

With more than 100 art galleries in Cape Town and its surrounds, the art scene is growing both in size and popularity every day. The Mother City is known for its vibrant and dynamic culture and artistic community, with a wide range of contemporary and fine art exhibitions on the go at any given time.

Art has always played an important role in South Africa’s storied history. Whether it’s art that takes you back 4000 years ago, to the time of the cave paintings made by the San Bushmen, or art that was created in response to the oppressive Apartheid regime during the apartheid era or todays exploding contemporary African art scene being recognised on the international circuit, is an important aspect of any trip to South Africa and especially to Cape Town.

South African art is known for its eclectic and rich diversity. The country’s vibrant past, together with all different cultures and languages, gives South African artists a sea of inspiration. It is said that Cape Town is the proverbial gateway from the tip of Africa to the rest of the continent. Not only does it boast inspiring natural beauty but it is an accessible and cosmopolitan city with so many different influences from all over the world. With the opening of galleries like the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) it is clear to see that Cape Town has a vibrant and incredibly dynamic art scene which attracts many established and emerging artists and art lovers.

This full day, private tour with an expert art guide and designer and artist meet and greets is the best way to tap into this inspiring aspect of Cape Town.

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