Horse Back Safari on The Nakavango Game Reserve

Tour/Activity in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

About this activity

The reserve is a remarkably beautiful place to traverse, and its plains and riverscapes set a constant backdrop for this horse back adventure.

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Horse Back Safari

The diverse landscapes makes for rich riding experiences. With hectares to roam, riders are guaranteed to encounter more wildlife than people for miles, making for a more personal and exclusive safari experience.  Together with two professional guides, small groups of no more than six riders come within meters of shy plains game, including zebra, eland and a variety of other antelope. On experienced rides, there is the excitement of tracking and maybe finding the fabulous black rhino and other big game.

Beautiful-natured and well-trained, they are suited for both gentle rides, as well as more thrilling safari experiences. Rides depart from and return to the quaint Ursula’s Homestead, where coffee and refreshments are served both prior to and after the safari. A daily horse safari is available, which will accommodate either experienced or novice riders.

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