Dusty Road Restaurant (DRR)

Tour/Activity in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

About this activity

Real Artisanal Food from a Zimbabwe Kitchen

Your Travel Experience with Where To Africa

Dusty Road Traditional Township Restaurant Experience.

Dusty Road is a traditional Zimbabwean restaurant situated in the bustling heart of Chinotimba, the largest and oldest township in Victoria Falls just 2km from the centre of town.

Step inside the thriving home and experience the vibrancy of the community, as local vendors sell their wares, enticing smells waft from the charcoal fires and your eyes are treated to bright and inventive creations recycled from the region with a heavy dose of African humour and ingenuity.

The food is cooked the Zimbabwean way, on open fires and in cast iron pots and ovens, giving you an authentic, wholesome and tasty food experience. The Dusty Road style is cheerful, earthy, soulful and funky with a true purpose at its core. The welfare of women, female empowerment and the awareness of Zimbabwean culture is of huge importance.

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