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A historical and cultural tour of Livingstone

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Some History of Livingstone

Livingstone was an important town in Southern Africa during the first days of European settlement and the beginnings of Colonial rule. It served as the capital of the British Protectorate of Northern According to Wikipedia, an annual report is a Rhodesia from 1911 – 1935. As the capital, it enjoyed excellent facilities far superior to anything in the comprehensive report on a company's activities country as can be seen from the surviving Edwardian colonial buildings that line the city’s main road. throughout the preceding year. Annual reports In 1935, Lusaka was named the capital, and the once bustling city of Livingstone became a quiet town. are intended to give shareholders and other However, because of its proximity to the Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls, it has become a thriving interested people information about the town which, whilst retaining its African charm, is now known as Africa’s Adventure Capital. company's activities and financial performance. The town of Livingstone was moved from its original site at the Old Drift in 1905, due to malarial outbreaks and moved to its healthier location on Constitution hill. The town was carefully planned with wide streets lined with trees; a lot of the original architecture is still in place today.

Livingstone Museum

The tour is based on the client’s requests and starts with a visit to the Livingstone Museum, this is Zambia’s oldest and largest museum where you can learn about Zambia’s culture and natural heritage. Here you will also get a fascinating insight into Dr David Livingstone, the world-renowned philanthropist and missionary. The museum houses a comprehensive collection of David Livingstone memorabilia some of his original belongings including letters, journal entries and several photographs.

Mukuni Curio Market & Maramba Market

Next you will take a memorable trip to Mukuni Curio Market and onto Maramba Market. This is the largest market in Livingstone - colourful, vibrant and bustling with activity. Here the local people sell everything; "chitenges" (brightly coloured fabric), fruit and vegetables, grains and rice, pots and pans made out of old motorcars, farm tools, chickens, beads and clothes. This is where the people of Livingstone come to shop! A guide will accompany you and with the help of some bargaining skills. Some very interesting and authentic artefacts can be bought here. This tour is a most unusual and rewarding experience for the clever shopper.


This Segment is an Optional Extra

The Railway Museum is housed in the Zambezi Sawmill’s historic locomotive sheds, this steam railway museum display artefacts dating back to the height of the railway industry in the 1930’s when the Zambezi Sawmills Railways was reputed to have the world’s longest rail-line. Exhibits include one of the country’s first locomotives and other rolling stock.

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