Cape Town City Foodie Tour (ES)

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What better way to explore the city of Cape Town than through the aromas and flavours of the food and drinks.

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Cape Town City Foodie Tour

With the rise of Cape Town’s coffee culture, hundreds of good coffee shops and cafes have sprung up. The city used to run on tea but coffee has taken the lead. The last 10 years has seen the emergence of over 100 artisanal roasters alone.

When you’ve had your fix best coffee shop in Cape Town you’ll head on over to Honest Chocolate, the ultimate chocolate producer. Honest Chocolate started out for the love for chocolate. Chocolate that you can have in a healthy way. Honest chocolate makes sustainable, organic, raw artisan chocolate. In the café you get dipped in a chocolate experience and get to know everything about their local chocolate. For the real chocolate lovers, you can treat yourself with a 95% cacao chocolate bar wrapped in their signature illustrated wrappers.

Now it’s time to get to traditional local food. Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants Ethical butchery Walking from the Woodstock Exchange, you will stop at Frankie Fenner – one of the ultimate foodie destinations. Biltong or Droëwors from the masters in one hand and exceptional South African wine in the other can’t be a better situation!

Biltong is a spiced and dried meat. The word biltong originally comes from Dutch – bil means rump and tong means strip so it is traditionally a strip of meat from the rump. Nowadays, biltong is made from many different cuts, predominantly beef but also from game animals and ostrich.

Droëwors is a South African beef snack and literally means dry sausage. Produced from a thin sausage in a warm place where it dries fast.

Bo-Kaap & Atlas Spice trading The Bo-kaap is traditionally the Cape Malay quarter and is renowned for the spice trading that takes place there. Established in 1946, Atlas Trading Company is a purveyor of fine spices, rice and rare products from across the world. The pungent smell of over 100 different herbs, spices and incenses perfumes the air at this cornerstone of the Bo-Kaap’s Cape Muslim community.

On your way to the Atlas Spice Trading Company you’ll see try cultural heritage. The brightly coloured houses create a lively and almost festive atmosphere. Stop in at Atlas Trading and choose some spices that you can take home to cook – the smell will make you relive your amazing experiences in Cape Town.

Cape malay cuisine offers lots of sweet and savoury snacks.

Samosas are small triangle folded pastries with different fillings. You can have them filled with mince beef, chicken or sometimes cheese. They are good as a snack either warm or cold.

Koeksisters are fried dough rolls dipped in an ice cold syrup. They are small, sticky and absolutely delicious. You can get them in many shapes and sizes. From braided, twisted koeksisters to koeksisters in the form of small dough balls topped with coconut. “Koek” is the Dutch word for cookie. Milk tart is a South African dessert it has a sweet crust filled with a creamy mixture made of milk, eggs, sugar and flour topped with cinnamon – an essential taste of South Africa.

The Gin Bar Gin bars seem to pop up everywhere in Cape Town and all have their own personality. In a discreet location you’ll experience a journey of three hand-crafted South African gins exemplifying the vast flavour profiles of South African botanicals. Each gin is explained and tasted on it’s own then paired with a tonic and finished off with a unique, fynbos garnish, foraged by the bartenders themselves.

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