4.0* Hotel

Vilamar comprises of two self-catering villas overlooking the Barazuto Archipelago.

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Vilamar is a self catering villa in Vilanculos. Vilamar comprises of two self-catering villas situated twenty minutes from Vilanculos Airport. Situated on a pristine beach looking over the Barazuto Archipelago.

Vilamar is a fantastic self catering option while staying in Vilanculos. The villas are situated on a pristine beach that overlooks the Barazuto Archipelago. Vilamar provides the feeling of “island life” with the convenience and accessibility of being on the mainland. Situated just twenty minutes from Vilanculos Airport, Vilamar is the perfect gateway for holiday goers looking to enjoy the many sights and sounds on offer in Vilanculos and the nearby Barazuto Archipelago.