Victoria Falls Hotel

5.0* Hotel

The Grand Old Dame of Victoria Falls. Colonial Grandeur and Old World Charm.

Your Travel Experience with Where To Africa

Once accommodation for workers on Rhodeā€™s envisioned Cape-Cairo, the Victoria Falls Hotel is now the most iconic property in the area. The Edwardian building has a prime location with vast, lush lawns overlooking the misty spray of the Victoria Falls. Expect old-world charm with the highest service levels. Walk into the lobby and you walk into a bygone era. On your left, you will be greeted by an original mural commemorating the flight path of the Royal Mail passenger service connecting the Old British Empire with destinations in Africa, one of them being Victoria Falls. There are large paintings of the great explorers Livingstone and Stanley, antique furniture, flowery wallpapers and thick carpets.

Take a stroll through the manicured courtyards or the old stables, enjoy the famous traditional high tea on the lawn or simply relax in the pool area. A sundowner on the terrace is highly recommended: when the sun is setting, mother nature will paint the most beautiful picture of the rising mist and the tangerine colour palette of the fading day light.