Kanga Camp

4.0* Hotel

Set in the most remote part of the World Heritage Site in Mana Pools is the Kanga Pan.

Your Travel Experience with Where To Africa

Kanga Camp is unique. It is situated in one of the wildest areas in one of the wildest countries in Africa, namely Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. There are no fences here, just wildlife roaming freely in their untouched natural habitat. But Kanga Camp can even top that; not only is it a classic old-style tented safari camp with beautiful furnishings that take you back to the days of the explorers, it also overlooks Kanga Pan, the only source of water near and far. This makes it a magnet for large conglomerations of game, expect to see elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards and many more.

Get ready to be transformed by the simplicity and rawness of nature. Only six rooms make the camp extremely exclusive and allow you to have a very personal experience in this world heritage site – you will be able to rethink and reflect without the distractions of your daily life. Qualified guides accompany guests on activities like game drives or bush walks (which this region is famous for) further into the park to educate about the secrets of the African bush – no matter how small or large.