Grootbos Villas

4.0* Hotel

A variety of exclusive experiences tailored to your unique needs, memorable adventures for you and your loved ones.

Your Travel Experience with Where To Africa

An idyllic getaway like no other, enjoy the best of what Africa has to offer in truly luxurious style, while at the same time contributing to the preservation of the environment and the upliftment of local communities, each of the villas are designed to exist in harmony with its environment. Grootbos are constantly researching, innovating and pioneering new ways to protect this unique fynbos kingdom and its abundance of plants, birds, mammals and amphibians. Grootbos are passionate about organic living and fresh, locally sourced produce and believe in including, uplifting and empowering the local communities that share this beautiful environment with us. Grootbos is an award-winning pioneer in progressive tourism. Not only does the region encourage tourists to lessen their impact on the environment and “leave no trace” – Grootbos actually has programmes in place to revitalise this fragile environment. The region is home to animals of conservation concern, and all who work here are committed to creating a harmonious, interconnected and symbiotic balance. Grootbos boasts a wide and diverse range of breathtaking experiences, enabling you to enjoy the many facets of this alluring world. From the high-octane pleasures of shark cage diving to the more meditative practice of whale-watching, there is an activity for every personality and every mood. At Grootbos you have a personal chef, a private guide and driver at your fingertips.