Camp Shawu

4.0* Hotel

Enjoy World class game viewing can be enjoyed from the luxury of your own private deck.

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• Price excludes R77 per person payable at the Kruger National Park Entrance Gate.

Kruger National Park entrance gates opening / closing times below: • October to March 05:30 / 18:00 • April - September 06:00 / 17:30

Camp Shawu is named after one of the most famous African elephants, the Magnificent Seven. The elephant bull named Shawu roamed the Kruger area for sixty years. With the longest tusks ever recorded in South Africa, Shawu commanded instinctive respect and admiration from all who gazed upon him. Those lucky enough to have encountered this awe-inspiring bull say he took your breath away. Camp Shawu aims to do the same.

With authentic buffalo dung walls, Camp Shawu captures the spirit of the ‘real Africa’ described by famous explorers of colonial times. This camp is situated in a 15000 hectare private concession in South Africa’s world-renowned Kruger National Park. Private decks overlooking the Mpanamana Dam, allow guests a privileged view of game gathering to drink.

Explore Africa’s wildlife in and around Camp Shawu. Lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino, cheetah, hippo and crocodile abound. You will return restored and rejuvenated – having absorbed the magical energy and spiritual presence inherent in the bush. Accommodation